Doing Technology So People Matter

There was a fascinating story on about a project to bring wireless web access to a low income housing development, using the wireless “cloud” to span the digital divide. The article is intriguing not for just the story it tells, but for its implications in a number of settings, including rural ones. Read this story along with a companion piece on a cybercafe planned for Mount Everest and I defy you not to have new ideas on what we can do with the Internet.

News That Comes to You – A Great Intro to News Aggregators

J.D. Lasica’s article, “News That Comes to You: RSS feeds offer info-warriors a way to take the pulse of hundreds of sites” is as good a “you want to get started in learning about this” article on RSS feeds and news aggregators as I have seen. I enjoy his realistic assessment of news feeds and where they show the most utility. A great article to give to those just dipping their toes into news feeds.

The Double Helix at 50

I love Internet resources that allow me to jump in and get up to speed on a topic, all in one place, particularly good, readable, plain language stories about scientific concepts. The New York Times has a nice retrospective set of articles on the 50th anniversary of the discovery of DNA (free registration required) that makes for a pleasant and educational diversion.

ABA TechShow 2003 Reminder

Just a reminder that the time for ABA TechShow 2003 in Chicago is drawing near. TechShow has turned into my major opportunity each year to meet in person and visit with people involved in legal technology who I’d otherwise only know through e-mail, articles, listservs or, now, blogs. Plus, I get the chance to speak on some interesting topics.
There’s plenty of attractions at TechShow, but I’d certainly enjoy getting the chance to meet more of the people interested in this field. If you’re thinking about going to TechShow this year, let me nudge you a bit in the direction of deciding to go. – Perfect Example of a Great Web Resource

I’ve been doing a bit of research lately about technology for solos and small firms and could not believe how difficult it was to track down relevant information on the Internet. There’s great stuff out there, but, man, it is scattered all over the place.
Then, a few blogs pointed me to This site is a superior example of what I like to find in a web site – timely, relevant, updated information, collected in one place in an understandable manner. It’s fun to return to and the RSS feed makes keeping up with the site very easy. Plus, it has not only some of the great resources that I had laboriously tracked down, but much, much other great stuff, nicely collected and presented. In particular, the very useful Going Solo section gives easy access to most everything the solo or contemplating solo would want to find.
Five stars. Had I known about this site a few weeks ago, it would have made my research infinitely easier.