Avoiding Armageddon

I recently finished Benjamin and Simon’s The Sacred Age of Terror, which seems to be a good overview of the terrorism of our day. I do not think that anyone will finish this book with any sense of optimism for the long haul, even in spite of recent military victories.
It’s the unfortunate nature of our modern world, but the site for PBS’s Avoiding Armageddon series provides good info and resources on weapons of mass destruction, terrorism and the like. There’s also a companion book.

A Cornucopia of Legal KM

There are two recent collections of “KM in law firm” articles that are well worth checking out. The first is in the current issue of Legal Technology News (requires free registration, but you get a free subscription to an excellent legal tech publication) and FindLaw’s Modern Practice webzine. Between the two you’ll find a good number of the leading thinkers on legal KM and links to legal KM resources.

Blog Evolution – War Blogs Without the War.

Tom Yager’s Ahead of the Curve column in Infoworld has recently become one of my favorite reads because he addresses the implications of technology in addition to the implementations of technology. For example, his recent column called “Natural Selection” is an thought-provoking (in the best sense) meditation on consolidation in the IT industry and its implications.
The article, among other things, poses a key question in the new post-war blogging era: which bloggers will stick with it for the long run and which will bail out?
What sound does a war blog make when there is no war? The survivors and innovators will continue and I’m sure that I’ll see some favorites disappear, but I can’t wait to see the cool ways those who continue evolve their blogs.