A Helpful Dose of Computer Security Information

Can we ever get enough good, practical information about computer security? I say “nay!”
Some useful resources I’ve found recently include CERT’s Home Computer Security; Five Steps to Wireless Security; Security Practicum: Essential Home Wireless Security Practices; Overview of the WPA Wireless Security Update in Windows XP; and for the power users and eternally curious, 75 Top Network Security Tools.

LLRX Returns

The great LLRX.com site has returned with new content. LLRX is one of the truly valuable legal web sites with tons of great articles in its archives. The new issue launches with some excellent articles and I’m proud and pleased that it includes some newly published material from me, including the latest edition of The Internet Roundtable. A big thank you to Sabrina Pacifici for keeping LLRX alive and going.

24: Lawyers Using Computers

24, to me, is far and away the best show on television these days and last night ended the great run of season 2. In an inspiring twist for those of us lawyers who see the potential of the use of technology in the practice, a huge tide-turning discovery was made by a high-powered lawyer who worked with a database on his own to find key information. Not associates and paralegals plowing through banker’s boxes of documents, but a major partner working a computer with expertise.
As I said, it was kind of inspring.

Getting a Handle on Legal Tech ROI

I got an email the other day from a person agreeing with my comments that there would be an increasing emphasis this year on justifying return on investment (ROI) for law firm technology projects. However, the person wanted to know if there were guidelines for measuring ROI – a good and fair question.
I don’t think there is one magic approach to determining ROI because every firm will weigh different factors in different ways. What’s important is to have some method to measure ROI. Here are two articles that will give you a good overview of the ways some firms and companies have tried to implement ROI analysis for technology.
Christopher Koch’s “Why Doesn’t Your ROI Add Up? You Do the Math” is a good starting point for thinking about these issues, with a nice checklist of issues to consider. Kingsley Martin’s Show Me the Money – Measuring the Return on Knowledge Management focuses on the issue of knowledge management, but provides an outline of some standard ROI methodologies that can be used with other legal technologies.

Revolution OS DVD

Many people would like to get a solid understanding of Open Source and Free software and, unfortunately, have not found a good, easy way to do so. Even my law review article on the Open Source licenses probably won’t do the trick for most people, much as I hate to admit that.
I just watched today a DVD of a documentary called “Revolution OS” that is an excellent introduction to what is going on in the Open Source Movement, the Free Software Movement, Linux and the licensing and IP implications involved. It tells the story well, through interviews with most of the major players. I thoroughly recommend this DVD as an introduction to these topics. My only critique might be that it is a little light on the MIT/BSD family of licenses, but, in fairness, the focus of the film is on the GPL and Linux.