Steve Gillmor on the Sound of Silence

Steve Gillmor’s comments on why RSS feeds are so cool captures my thoughts precisely and even gives the Ray Ozzie example I would choose to illustrate the disappearance and reappearance phenomenon. Nice little essay that I’d recommend to those trying to get a better sense of why some people have a transcendentalist approach to the possibilities of RSS feeds.

More Legal Tech ROI

Another plug for ActiveWords. The program has a handy ROI calculator built in so that you can check from time to time to see how well it’s working for you. I expect that most people will earn the cost of the program back pretty quickly.

ABA TechShow 2004 Ideas

I’m preparing for the major planning meeting of the TechShow Board, where we’ll select programs and speakers.
I welcome any suggestions on topics, speakers, improvements from prior years, things you’d like to see, potential sponsors and the like. Email me with your suggestions and I’ll add them to my agenda list for our planning meeting.

Blogger Symposium – The War on Terrorism

I really enjoyed all the war bloggers that appeared around the time of the Iraq war and have wondered about what will happen to many of them. I miss the energy, excitement and sense of being clued in to the real story that some of them gave.
Since regular coverage of the war on terrorism tends to be non-existent or limited to legalisms over what words were use when to describe uranium sales that may or may not have happened (are we a nation of lawyers or what?), it was good to see the return of some of these bloggers in a discussion forum where they spoke at length about developments in the war on terrorism.
I really don’t find myself able to take much of a purely political position on these subjects, but I am a information guy and I like to see the topic discussed by people who have both strong opinions, apparent access to real information and a sense of a need for vigilance.