Experts Look at the Future of Legal Technology

A great twofer from Bob Ambrogi. His blog gives links to two great articles on legal technology and law firm web sites, all part of the 10th anniversary of Law Technology News (free registration required, and highly recommended).
Bob rounded up some of the most interesting thought leaders in legal technology (hey, he included me) and their comments will give you plenty to ponder.
His list of the top 10 legal web sites over the last ten years also shows Bob’s impeccable judgment on quality web sites – he’s been reviewing them for nearly ten years.
Great job, Bob.

Boxes and Arrows – Analyzing Common Web Elements

Heidi Adkisson has written a fascinating article called “Examining the Role of De Facto Standards on the Web,” which covers some research she has done on the plusses and minuses of following standard web page conventions.
As she says, “Will the web become more standardized? What are the usability risks of not following a de facto standard on the web?”
She also has put together a companion web site that delves further into her research and will cover this topic on an ongoing basis. I’ve also felt this subject is one of the more important web design / usability topics and one well worth taking some time to try to understand. Cool stuff.

A Great Blawg Goes Silent

It’s so sad to see that David Giacalone has decided to shut down the excellent ethicalEsq? blog due to health-related reasons. I’ve admired the growth and evolution of his blog and pointed to it on a number of occasions.
David was a needed voice who focused on critical issues for the profession and the delivery of legal services. I expected that he would grow into a sort of conscience for legal bloggers and through them the legal profession. His approach has affected the way that I look at some of today’s issues and reminded me and others that we need to pay attention in a thoughtful way to these issues on a regular basis rather than simply scrambling to grab our required hours of ethics continuing legal education credit at the last minute.
David forced us to think about the ethical issues, which are complex and difficult, and, I believe, will also be considered to have played an important role in the early history of legal blogs.
I understand his decision, but hope that his voice will return again in some form. For me, it gives me a new impetus to cover these issues on a more regular basis and I’ll probably do that from time to time on the eLawyer Blog.
David, my best wishes to you in all you do and a big thank you for a job well done.

Excuse me – is that a Ferrari on your laptop?

Here’s an interesting trend that I expect to continue. Gizmodo points to an article in the Register announcing a new laptop from Acer with a Ferrari brand. The laptop sports a bright red cover and a Ferrari logo. Just a guess – walking into a business meeting with this one willl get you noticed.
Note to Acer – while I seldom write reviews of hardware, I will make an exception for this one if you get one to me.