Peter Matthiessen’s End of the Earth

Peter Matthiessen is a favorite of mine. I recently finished his book about his two trips to the Antarctic called “End of the Earth,” which I enjoyed immensely. Few of us will ever get to make a trip to Antarctica (and even if we wanted to, the realities of the trip seem a little daunting), so it’s great to see this world through Matthiessen’s eyes. He weaves history, nature studies and travelogue all together in what for me was a compelling read (I mean, I read until I had finished it in one sitting).
So, I couldn’t wait to recommend it on my blog and was thinking of getting copies for presents. I checked it out on Amazon and can only say that the one reviewer seems to be a little grumpy and I had the opposite reaction. It’s a very good avenue to explore one of the last pure areas on earth.

Tom Mighell Solves My Major Acrobat Annoyance

Perhaps the best thing about news aggregators is that I can now monitor all the cool things my friends are writing about.
Tom Mighell is certainly one of the leading lawyer bloggers and he provides a ton of great information. He recently wrote about a common Adobe Acrobat problem.
Tom writes:
“I don’t know about you, but I think it’s a pain in the #$! when Adobe Acrobat Reader opens right in my browser when I try to read a PDF file. Worse, when I’m done viewing the PDF, the small Acrobat applet doesn’t unload, often causing my system to freeze up.”
Hey, that happens to me all the time. But not any more because Tom provides a couple of solutions for the problem.
Ah, it’s so great when you can eliminate one of those little irritations. Thanks, Tom.

DigiLearn Online CLE Programs

I am the author of several (soon to be more) online CLE programs available through an online CLE provider called DigiLearn. For those exploring online CLE options, I encourage you take a look at what DigiLearn offers.

December Issue of Law Practice Today Now Available

The latest issue of the Law Practice Today webzine is now online. The featured theme this month is branding and there are a number of good articles on law firm branding, along with new articles on finance, management, marketing and technology issues.
My “Strongest Links” column discusses good Internet resources on branding.
And a note of congratulations to our ace webmaster and all-around tech and production guy at Law Practice Today, Fred Faulkner, who is getting married ths week. Fred makes the webzine happen and it is a pleasure to work with him. Congratulations and best wishes on your wedding, Fred.