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What Lawyers Need to Know About the Open Source Licenses

My new article on the Open Source licenses has appeared in the February 2004 issue of the Journal of Internet Law. The article is called “What Lawyers Need to Know About the Open Source Licenses.” It is the practical and in-depth article on the Open Source licenses that I’ve been wanting to write for several years. I’m pleased that it found a home in one of the most-read publications for computer lawyers.
Unfortunately, the Journal of Internet Law is a print publication only. However, I have eight extra copies of the issue in which the article appears. As a benefit for readers of my blog, I’ll send a copy of the issue to each of the first eight people whose e-mails requesting a copy I receive (dmk @
Otherwise, you may obtain reprints from the Journal of Internet Law, find a copy in a law library or, even better, obtain my original version of the article as part of my new “Practical Principles of Legal Tech and Tech Law (1996 – 2003)” CD – a collection of nearly 500 pages of my best articles in the PDF format.
I’ve also collected my well-known “online book” I call “Dennis Kennedy’s Legal Technology Primer” and am also making that available in the PDF format. Both collections will soon be available from a number of sources as downloadable eBooks. Until then, you can obtain the collections in the old-fashioned way – by mailing me an order form with your check. If you are interested in licensing my original version of the article for distribution in your organization, please contact me. Because I do appreciate there is some irony involved here, I expect to make a version of the article available for free sometime later this year.
Remember that I keep a list of Open Source license law resources on my website at

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