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Dennis Kennedy is one of the most knowledgeable legal technologists you will find. - Michael Arkfeld.

Dennis Kennedy, a lawyer and legal technology expert in St. Louis, Mo., has been a significant influence in the ever-evolving relationship between lawyers and the Web. - Robert Ambrogi

Wow! Thanks for the Great Reaction to The Blawg Channel

I was busy today. That’s why I haven’t replied to your emails. And, no, I’m not saying that blogging about Damien Pagan and “vita triptych drub” is more important than responding to your email.
I didn’t fully comprehend until launching The Blawg Channel how neatly the concept of “fast prototyping” dovetailed with that great line “Ready, fire, aim.”
However, I’m a little overwhelmed by the great response we’ve gotten today.
[Memo to New Bloggers: You have to be ready to have a real audience from your first posting. Don't even think about trying a "testing 1, 2, 3" post. ]
We might have to release in the future some of our emails trying to work out the small details and decisions you never fully think about in advance. To our credit, even with a group of four lawyers, we’ve at least resisted bringing up the “is it The Blawg Channel or just Blawg Channel” question, an almost primevally instinctive lawyer question. Go ahead and laugh about it – but what do you write in when you’re filling out a form or ordering coffee mugs with the name on them? You see, the practice of law is not quite as easy as some people believe.
But we’re working on the details. Expect to see more announcements soon, or maybe soonish.

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