Surprised by Surprise over Lack of Awareness about RSS Uses

When Tom Mighell and I were working on BlawgConnect 2005, I was struck by how difficult it was to find the names of some legal bloggers on their blogs, let alone their contact info. I take some criticism for the name of my blog, but people at least whose blog it is.
I wanted to credit the author of the Legal Search Marketing Blog for the post called “Track Your Firm’s Key Information via RSS Feeds,” but I could not find the author’s full name. So, chris at, I enjoyed your post, even though I started to get the feeling that “search marketing” had a different meaning for me than what you intended.
Be that as it may, Chris points to a post by Kevin O’Keefe (great new picture Kevin on his blog!) lamenting the total lack of awareness he found recently about the ways law firms (or anyone else for that matter) might make better use of readily-available RSS tools to track information.
I’m surprised by the surprise. Tom and I talked quite a bit about this topic in our session on RSS feeds and news aggregators at ABA TECHSHOW 2005 (and I felt like I was seeing lightbulbs going off over peoples’ heads during that part of the session, but that might have been Bob Ambrogi snapping pictures). Anyone who is brave enough to ask me the question “Why are you so enthused about RSS?” is likely to get a few minutes on this very topic.
I thought the potential uses of RSS were much more obvious than they seem to be. The points mentioned in Chris’s post reflect just the tip of the iceberg, as they say.
Look for announcement very soon about a new focus for me on a line of RSS-related and advanced blogging consulting services.
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Interesting Top 20 Legal Thinkers Research Project

As my long-time readers know, I tend to shy away from controversy on this blog.
I was struck today by the post “The Women of IP Law & Policy” on Copyfight.
I don’t have any free time to do this research project, but someone who does might compare the instances of overlap between the Copyfight list and the recent Top 20 Legal Thinkers list. I suspect that they might reach some interesting conclusions.
On what might be a related note, kudos to Lisa Stone, et al., for putting together the upcoming Blogher Conference.
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Homann Not Named One of Top 20 Legal Thinkers

With considerably less fanfare than the original announcement of the poll, Legal Affairs, apparently an important magazine covering legal issues, has released its list of the top 20 U.S. legal thinkers, containing most of the usual suspects.
I’m disappointed to report that Matt Homann’s valiant write-in candidacy was unsuccessful. You would think that his involvement in LexThink might have helped his candidacy.
As expected, the publication did not rectify the embarrassing omission of a category for practicing lawyers, presumably because they believe that practicing lawyers are not thinkers. Just kidding – I’m sure that they just forgot that we exist and no slight was intended. As the announcement says, “Our list lists to the right a bit, but it also interestingly betrays a presumably non-partisan bias among voters toward judges and academics over journalists and other commentators.” Practicing lawyers must be included in “other commentators.” I’m sure that’s the case.
Congratulations to the winners – I’ll let others run the stats on diversity, political leanings and the like.
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Blogs: Can They Help Your Growing Business?

I’ve had the good fortune of having some excellent writers interview me about blogging and then use my quotes as part of the great articles they write. I’m grateful to them for including me in the articles and making me appear to be wiser than I am.
The most recent example is Ron Ameln’s very useful introduction to blogging called “Blogs: Can They Help Your Growing Business?” The article appears in the always useful St. Louis Small Business Monthly, which includes a couple of high quality articles from Ron every month.
I’m in fast company in this article, which includes quotes from some of the business bloggers I admire most. In fact, I’d be happy to be able to carry the notebook computers of these bloggers around for them for a day, let alone be quoted in the same article with them.
How good a journalist is Ron Ameln? He wrote the story and it motivated him to start his own blog. It’s called the Business Growth Weblog and his description is quite apt: “Helpful tips and strategies to take your small business to the next level. In this blog, Ron Ameln, small-business journalist, shares some of the secrets to business success.” That makes him a darn good journalist in my book.
Read Ron’s article – check out Ron’s blog. I’ll mention to Ron that he needs to get an RSS feed going.
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I’m Speaking on Transitioning to a Solo or Small Firm Practice Next Week

I’ll be speaking at a seminar in St. Louis on April 19. The seminar is called “Transitioning to Solo & Small Firm Practice: How to Make It a Success.” I’ll be speaking at a session called “Technology for the Solo and Small Firm Practitioner – Lawyer’s Perspective” and participating in a panel discussion.
If you get the chance to go to the seminar, please say hello.
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