One of my favorite people in the legal technology field in Toby Brown at the Utah Bar. Toby sends me the news of his new effort to adapt the blogging approach to the world of bar associations and provide information about the operation of bar associations. It’s called (
The topic may seem a bit esoteric, but, believe me, if Toby and Lincoln Mead are involved, it will have lots of worthwhile information and you will be rewarded for visiting or subscribing to the feed.
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Sorks and Other Network Varmints Join Worms and Phish as IT Issues to Worry About

I love this article from Network World about the impact real-world animals can have on computer networks. As if there isn’t enough to worry about in the electronic world, now we learn of the dangers from rodents, such as the Swedish sork, and other animals to computer and communications systems.
The article brought a tiny tear of nostalgia to my eye because my very first legal technology column ever (for Lawyers Weekly USA) was called “The Case of the Malfunctioning Modem,” in which I showed how I applied my Sherlock Holmesian diagnostic techniques to find that a squirrel had chewed up the phone line to my house.
My favorite quote:
“We have to send out service men on a daily basis to take care of the damage being made by the woodpeckers,” he says.
The money quote:
“I’ve actually seen armored cable chewed through.”
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William Lind on Cabbages, Kings and Cessnas

Robert Coram’s biography of John Boyd has fuelled my interest in Boyd, OODA loops, military strategies and Fourth Generation warfare. This will come as no surprise to those of you who know that I always list John Robb’s Global Guerillas as one of my favorite blogs.(Well, a blogger has to have some hobbies).

Boyd is considered one of the most brilliant strategists of the recent era and I highly recommend Coram’s book about him.

The good news is that Boyd, now deceased, has a number of colleagues who carry on his tradition. I think that you have to be up to speed on these matters to have a chance of trying to understand our modern world.

A week or so ago, I was talking with a former cop about the recent Cessna incident in Washington, DC air space. No matter how we tried to put some kind of positive gloss on that incident, we failed, and I walked away from the conversation feeling a bit more pessimistic.

William Lind’s essay, Of Cabbages and Kings, helps me understand why the incident and the response to it is disturbing. Lind is one of Boyd’s proteges. As we approach Memorial Day, you might want to set aside a few minutes to read Lind’s essay.

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Time for a Visit to Between Lawyers

I’m so proud of what we are doing on the Between Lawyers blog and the attention we are attracting.
Lately we’ve been revisiting the issues raised by the Creative Commons licenses and asking and answering questions about the whole “blogs for legal marketing” thing.
I’m still such a fan of blogging and have so much respect for the pioneer legal bloggers that it’s a thrill to see Denise Howell post on her blog: “My Between Lawyers co-author Dennis Kennedy has been on a roll during the last day or so.”
Ah, the intangible rewards of blogging are beyond measure.
Congratulations, too, are in order for Between Lawyers co-author Marty Schwimmer for entering his fourth year with The Trademark Blog. Nobody does blogging better than Marty does.
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I Like the Way Matt Handled This One

I know that Matt Homann has agonized for the last few months over an issue involving an old blog posting he made about LegalMatch. The situation was, at many levels, not really of his own making, but it had put him in a tricky spot.
It also made it difficult to make the decision to move LexThink into the business of private conferences (in addition to more public conferences, to be announced soon). With LegalMatch as the first private LexThink customer, it became important for Matt to reach a decision about how to handle his LegalMatch issue.
Matt reached his decision today and publicly announced it today. I really like the decision Matt made and the painstaking and careful process he took to make that decision. He’s asked for people to let him know what they think about the decision he made. Let him know.
For me, I’m more pleased than ever to be working with Matt and Sherry on building out the LexThink vision. I might miss the conversations I’ve had with Matt over the past few months about LegalMatch, but I definitely look forward to the room it will free up to talk more about where LexThink will be going.
DISCLOSURE: To the extent any fee LexThink receives from LegalMatch is not plowed back into LexThink development efforts, I’ll be entitled to some share of the fee. I believe that this has no impact whatsoever on the opinions I express in the post, but you should factor it in to your evaluation of what I’ve said here.
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