Coast to Coast and Back

Whew, I’m back from back-to-back trips to DisneyWorld (ABA Law Practice Management Section meeting) and Palm Springs for the Marcus Evans Legal Technology Summit (my favorite non-LexThink conference of the year). Reflections on those events will be forthcoming, but I had a great and quite productive time.
It was also a grand blogger tour. I got to co-present with fellow Between Lawyers blogger pal Denise Howell and spend time in board meeting and DisneyWorld rides with fellow Between Lawyers blogger pal Tom Mighell. I also got to spend time with blogging pals Fred Faulkner, Jim Calloway, Reid Trautz and Ed Poll.
My wife and daughter thought DisneyWorld was our best vacation trip yet. As I think about walking out of the Magic Kingdom after the fireworks and several rides on Space Mountain with my wife, daughter and Fred Faulkner, and seeing Mickey Mouse wishing everyone a goodnight, I have to agree.
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RMail – Receive the Feed for This Blog Via Email

I’m such a big fan of RSS and newsreaders (I use FeedDemon) that I sometimes forget that not all of the readers of DennisKennedy.Blog use a newsreader or consume the RSS feed rather than visiting the blog on a regular basis.
RMail from KBCafe is a new service that allows you to enter the URL for the feed for this blog ( and your email address, and you will automatically receive my new posts by email. I still recommend using a newsreader, but this will give you an email option for subscribing to my RSS feeds and blog posts.
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Discussing Legal Advertising Ethics

I kicked off a discussion about the current state of the ethics rules for legal advertising rules over on Between Lawyers. My initial remarks are discussed in a number of follow-up posts and comments. It all makes for a good discussion of these issues and I recommend the entire thread to you.
In the best and worst category, I’ll note that the substantive comments made me think even harder about enabling comments on this blog, while a wavelet of comment spam made me wonder if enablng comments would really be a wise move.
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Talking About KM in Law Firms

Knowledge management is definitely one of the areas of legal technology where I feel like I don’t get as many opportunities to speak, write and work as much as I would really like. It’s a topic I really enjoy and some of the most gratifying responses to my work have come in the area of KM.
So, it was a nice treat today to get the chance to talk with one of my favorite writers who covers KM, Judy Lamont of KM World, about current trends and developments in KM in the legal profession for an article that will appear this summer.
My take on the subject is that there are a lot of new developments giving the area more momentum than many people expect. The reason can be summed up in two words: “practical applications.”
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New for 2005 – Dennis Kennedy’s electronic discovery seminar – Preparing for the New World of Electronic Discovery: Easing Your Transition from Paper to Electronic Discovery

Never Too Early to Think About ABA TECHSHOW 2006

In a few days, I’ll be rolling up my sleeves to start work with the rest of the TECHSHOW board on planning TECHSHOW 2006. 2006 will mark the 20th anniversary of the ABA TECHSHOW.
I know that the question on your mind is: “how can I make Dennis’s job on the TECHSHOW board a little easier?”
Well, I have three answers for you:
1. If you have ideas for session topics, send them to me (denniskennedyblog @
2. If you have ideas for speakers (including yourself), send them to me (along with some supporting info) (denniskennedyblog @
3. If you or your company wants to learn more about sponsorship and exhibitor options, let me know (denniskennedyblog @
Ideas for sessions will be the most useful to me right now.
Thanks for your help.
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