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By Request Tuesday – Where are You Going with LexThink and When is the Next LexThink Conference?

Matt, Sherry and I have been putting our heads together about the future of LexThink. You might even argue that we’ve done too much thinking and not enough action on LexThink.
That’s about to change.
What I’m writing here is not the official announcement, but I’ll give you a preview. You’ll see some of this at the new, not-quite-done, version of the LexThink website.
You will see three primary efforts from LexThink:
1. Follow-up and networking opportunities for the attendees of the first LexThink conference, including conference calls, blog content and other resources.
2. Private LexThink Conferences. We’ve tested the idea and it meet with great success. We’ll provide these to professional services firms, associations and groups as a innovative and productive option to traditional firm retreat speakers and activities.
3. Public LexThink Conferences. We’re close to having the details in place to announce a few more of these. We expect to have a series of LexThink Solo conferences in various locations- the first of which will probably be in late August. I would also expect to see one, two or all of LexThink Intellectual Property, LexThink Marketing, and LexThink Electronic Discovery conferences. We’re looking for great spaces, like the Catalyst Ranch where we held the first LexThink, and sponsors for each event to help us keep attendee costs down. We got consistent feedback from LexThink 1.0 that the attendees would prefer a two-day event rather than a one-day event and at least one of the next few LexThinks will be a two-day event.
That’s what’s in the pipeline. Take a look at the new website and watch for official announcements and details in the near future.
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