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Technology Law and Legal Technology. Dennis Kennedy is one of the few technology lawyers who is also an expert on the underlying technologies. Dennis an award-winning leader in the application of technology and the Internet to the practice of law. gives you access to a wide variety of Dennis Kennedy's resources on legal technology, his writings, his well-known blog, DennisKennedy.Blog, and information about how you can have Dennis speak to your organization or group.

Dennis Kennedy is one of the most knowledgeable legal technologists you will find. - Michael Arkfeld.

Dennis Kennedy, a lawyer and legal technology expert in St. Louis, Mo., has been a significant influence in the ever-evolving relationship between lawyers and the Web. - Robert Ambrogi

My eBooks Now Available at the Professional Marketing Store

A big thank you from me to Larry Bodine for making my eBooks available for purchase at the Professional Marketing Store.
There are three eBooks for you to consider purchasing (and remember buying the eBooks is a great way to support this blog).
1. Preparing Your Law Firm for the Internet Era: 150 Steps Toward a 21st Century Practice of Law – 150 tips, action steps, key questions and other insights in the best ways to prepare your firm for and help it thrive in the Internet era.
2. Dennis Kennedy‚Äôs Legal Technology Primer – a collection of more than one hundred of my articles articles on a wide range of legal technology topics. From the blurb: “My approach to technology has always been to focus on what helps lawyers and users. I always try to focus on the practical aspects of how a technology can be used rather than on esoteric technical details. I also have the point of view of a practicing lawyer. This combination has, I believe, accounted for the longevity and popularity of many of my articles.”
3. Unlocking the Secrets of Legal Technology and Technology Law: Finding Your Way in the First Internet Era – A “best of” collection from all of my writings on legal technology, technology law and other musings, including some of my favorite blog posts, all in one collection.
Check out the eBooks, consider buying one or more to supoprt this blog, and take the time while you are there to browse the other offerings at the Professional Marketing Store.
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