Is CaseMap’s New ReportBooks Feature a Secret Weapon to Improve Client Relations?

The title of this post is a rhetorical question, as you’ll see in my article called “Revolutionizing Client Relations with CaseMap’s New ReportBooks,” just published on the fantastic site. As usual, there are a number of great articles in this edition of LLRX.
I often hear people saying that there’s not much “new” or “cool” happening in legal technology. I just smile at them. They ain’t looking in the right places, if they that’s what they think. There’s a lot of cool things out there, You just gotta know where to look.
I’ve become such good friends with Bob Wiss and Greg Krehel of CaseMap over the years that I don’t really pretend to be objective about CaseMap, but I encourage you to read my article, think about the ReportBooks feature with an open mind and fresh eyes, and I think you’ll see ways to give your clients some of the things they really want from their lawyers.
The money quote for lawyers:
“I suggest that you get to ReportBooks before either your clients tell you to start using them or your clients stop calling you and move their work to competitors who do use them. As always, the choice is up to you, but this choice is much clearer than most of the technology choices you have these days.”
The money quote for clients of lawyers:
“If you are a client of a law firm, or a client of many law firms, as many corporate general counsel are today, then pick up the phone and find out why your firms haven’t told you about ReportBooks yet. In today’s world, the bill for that call from your lawyer might be more than the upgrade price for CaseMap, but it will pay for itself many times over if you improve the quality of information about your matters as much as ReportBooks can do for you.”
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WSJ Grokster Roundtable Illustrates Benefits of Blogs for Serious Discussion of Legal News

The traditional model: Supreme Court decides major case and 6 to 12 months later (or even later) serious discussion of the case and its implications appear in law review articles.
The new model: Supreme Court decides major case and immediately serious discussion of the case by a stellar panel of experts appears on a group blog set up for the purpose.
Check of the WSJ Grokster Roundtable and see which approach you prefer and ponder the future of the traditional approach.
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Like Burningbird, We’re Burning in St. Louis

Shelley Powers accurately captures the today’s summer feeling here in St. Louis in her post “Don’t Visit St. Louis.” It’s demoralizing and a little dangerous. This afternoon, My daughter and I drove over to the bookstore and passed two banks with signs indicating the temperature was 105 degrees. And it’s that wet, humid kind of heat. Apparently no relief in the forecast.
Steve Nipper was in town yesterday at the rethink(ip) tour made its second stop in St. Louis in recent weeks. Doug Sorocco was here a few weeks ago. We got a few hours to have a great conversation, but I think that Steve experienced enough summer weather to be in hurry to get back to Idaho.
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My eBooks Now Available at the Professional Marketing Store

A big thank you from me to Larry Bodine for making my eBooks available for purchase at the Professional Marketing Store.
There are three eBooks for you to consider purchasing (and remember buying the eBooks is a great way to support this blog).
1. Preparing Your Law Firm for the Internet Era: 150 Steps Toward a 21st Century Practice of Law – 150 tips, action steps, key questions and other insights in the best ways to prepare your firm for and help it thrive in the Internet era.
2. Dennis Kennedy’s Legal Technology Primer – a collection of more than one hundred of my articles articles on a wide range of legal technology topics. From the blurb: “My approach to technology has always been to focus on what helps lawyers and users. I always try to focus on the practical aspects of how a technology can be used rather than on esoteric technical details. I also have the point of view of a practicing lawyer. This combination has, I believe, accounted for the longevity and popularity of many of my articles.”
3. Unlocking the Secrets of Legal Technology and Technology Law: Finding Your Way in the First Internet Era – A “best of” collection from all of my writings on legal technology, technology law and other musings, including some of my favorite blog posts, all in one collection.
Check out the eBooks, consider buying one or more to supoprt this blog, and take the time while you are there to browse the other offerings at the Professional Marketing Store.
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Summer Reading Recommendation – Stealing History

I finished reading Roger Atwood’s Stealing History: Tomb Raiders, Smugglers, and the Looting of the Ancient World last night and recommend it as a good book to add to your summer reading list.
It’s a sad and compelling story about the staggering level of looting of ancient graves and archaeological sites, giving both some history and a glimpse at the unprecedented level of plundering of cultural heritage of countries, the loss of knowledge of ancient civilizations and the trade that facilitates it all. What are we doing to ourselves? This is stuff that we all need to know about.
A rain forest here, a previously unknown civilization there – pretty soon it adds up to something tragic.
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