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Archive for June, 2005

By Request Tuesday – How Many RSS Feeds Do You Currently Subscribe to?

Tuesday, June 14th, 2005

My favorite piece of writing this year was the post I called “Heart of Blogness – My Journey into Scoble Country,” which told my tale of getting up somewhere north of 1,000 feeds in my newsreader.
I recently talked with someone who had 778 feeds in his newsreader. I told him that it took 1,000 or more to impress me.
My answer: I don’t know. I’m in the process of pruning the list and probably will delete any feed that is not a full-text feed (unless it’s really good). It’s a lot. I might have crept back in Scoble Country, but I won’t admit to that.
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By Request Tuesday – Will You Be Writing a Book?

Tuesday, June 14th, 2005

I get asked this question a lot. I’ve been talking with Yvonne Divita about turning my eBooks and perhaps other writing projects into books or booklets that Yvonne would publish through her print-on-demand publishing business.
I’ve written three chapters of the brand new fourth edition of Flying Solo, published by the ABA’s Law Practice Management Section. The book’s official release is June 28 and there is a pre-publication discount available. I’ve seen page proofs for a good number of chapters and I was a co-editor of the technology chapters. I think it will become a must-have book for any lawyer (and perhaps other professionals as well) who has started or plans to start a solo practice.
I’ve also contributed a couple of chapters to an upcoming ABA book on information security issues.
For the most part, however, I’m more interested in shorter works and audio these days than book projects, although I do discuss ideas people have for me from time to time. I’ve turned a couple of those down. I have talked to people and have found myself receptive to the idea of doing a co-authored or multiple-authored book.
And, every time I see someone mention as a new and novel idea something that is in the draft of the book project I worked on in 1998 called “The Fully Connected Law Firm” (publisher went out of the publishing business in mid-project), I get tempted to resurrect that project.
However, I don’t foresee any new books for traditional publishers on the horizon as solo efforts from me.
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By Request Tuesday – Will You Be Doing Some Podcasts?

Tuesday, June 14th, 2005

I have been talking with people about doing audio seminars or podcasts for the past year. As you may know, I’ve done a couple of webinars for Fios on electronic discovery and I’ve been pleased to hear about the traffic the on-demand electronic seminars I recorded for Merrill have done.
Zane Safrit of Conference Calls Unlimited interviewed me for what technically was my first podcast.
People have talked to me about a number of types of podcasts or “internet radio” shows. Examples have included a regular interview show and a “reader’s guide” to what’s worth checking out in the blog world, in addition to webinars on various topics. It should surprise no one that we have been talking about both a Between Lawyers podcast and a LexThink podcast.
To this point, I’ve been the hold-up because I wasn’t convinced about the medium. My opinion has changed dramatically in recent weeks and I’ve been telling people that listening to the Adam Curry / Ron Bloom Podshow Strategycast was a watershed event for me.
I’ve become very intrigued by the medium and its potential. I want to explore the idea of podcasting and potential podcast efforts with much more urgency. I’m about to start actively looking for partners, sponsors, producers and others who want to work with me in producing shows in the podcast medium.
I think that means the answer to your question is “yes.”
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By Request Tuesday – Where are You Going with LexThink and When is the Next LexThink Conference?

Tuesday, June 14th, 2005

Matt, Sherry and I have been putting our heads together about the future of LexThink. You might even argue that we’ve done too much thinking and not enough action on LexThink.
That’s about to change.
What I’m writing here is not the official announcement, but I’ll give you a preview. You’ll see some of this at the new, not-quite-done, version of the LexThink website.
You will see three primary efforts from LexThink:
1. Follow-up and networking opportunities for the attendees of the first LexThink conference, including conference calls, blog content and other resources.
2. Private LexThink Conferences. We’ve tested the idea and it meet with great success. We’ll provide these to professional services firms, associations and groups as a innovative and productive option to traditional firm retreat speakers and activities.
3. Public LexThink Conferences. We’re close to having the details in place to announce a few more of these. We expect to have a series of LexThink Solo conferences in various locations- the first of which will probably be in late August. I would also expect to see one, two or all of LexThink Intellectual Property, LexThink Marketing, and LexThink Electronic Discovery conferences. We’re looking for great spaces, like the Catalyst Ranch where we held the first LexThink, and sponsors for each event to help us keep attendee costs down. We got consistent feedback from LexThink 1.0 that the attendees would prefer a two-day event rather than a one-day event and at least one of the next few LexThinks will be a two-day event.
That’s what’s in the pipeline. Take a look at the new website and watch for official announcements and details in the near future.
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Jim Keane, Legal Technology Pioneer

Monday, June 13th, 2005

The legal technology is a small and close-knit community and it was sad to hear about the death on Friday of Jim Keane, who lost a battle with lung cancer. Jim was instrumental in a number of initiatives, including Legal XML, and recently had been focusing on the subject of e-lawyering.
I saw Jim at LegalTech in New York in January and got a brief chance to visit with him. He was looking good after a series of treatments. I enjoyed getting the chance to chat with him. He, not surprisingly, urged me to get involved with the ABA’s e-lawyering task force that he helped found and seemed full of energy and ideas. It was sad to hear the news.
He’ll be missed by the legal tech community.
Contributions may be made in his honor to the American Lung Association of Maryland, 14435 Cherry Lane Ct., Suite 310, Laurel MD. 20707.
There is also an online guest book that you can “sign” at
The ABA Law Practice Management Section has placed a memorial to Jim on the front page of its website, something I’m sure Jim would have appreciated and something that honors his service to LPM and his legacy and friendships in the Section.

Let’s Do A “By Request Tuesday” Tomorrow

Monday, June 13th, 2005

It’s been a while since I’ve done a “By Request Tuesday” and I thought it might be fun to try another one.
Email me your questions at denniskennedyblog @ and I’ll see if I can answer it tomorrow.
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Back from the Missouri Bar Solo and Small Firm Conference

Monday, June 13th, 2005

One of the most enjoyable conferences I get to attend and speak at each year in the Missouri Bar’s Solo and Small Firm Conference. Thanks to Linda Oligschlaeger, her staff, and a large committee of dedicated volunteers led by David Ransin, it is so much fun and so well-managed.
This year, I got the chance to do some presentations with my nationally-known speaking pals Jim Calloway and Ross Kodner. We’re often at the same conferences, but too rarely get the chance to speak together. That was a special treat this year.
I spoke at three sessions: computer security, wireless and mobile computing, and 60 Tips in 60 Minutes. I’d be happy to send you a copy of my materials for the computer security session if you email me your request to denniskennedyblog @
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Rockin’ the Legal Blog World

Thursday, June 9th, 2005

Steve Nipper follows up my now infamous Metallica post, with his new post on Guns N’ Roses and intellectual property law on rethink(ip).
The money quote:
So. Where do you stand? For you, is it about the fans or is it about the music? Are you willing to rethink the band if they won’t change…if they aren’t willing to produce the music fans want?
Sometimes someone has to get their act together and rethink the band.

I spent a very enjoyable day today with Doug Sorocco, another of the rethink(ip) guys, who was in St. Louis for the day. I got the chance to learn more about the rethink(ip) vision. Trust me, these guys definitely rock. They’ve made me do some rethinking.
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Knowledge Work as Craft

Wednesday, June 8th, 2005

Jim McGee has fascinating post called “Apprenticing at Light Speed” about “knowledge work as craft” and the strains that the pace of change place on the apprenticeship model (we are all apprentices).
The money quote (among many choices):
“That leads me to my more fundamental concern about apprenticing our way to improved knowledge work; where are the Jedi masters? Where is that senior research scientist who already understands how to connect robotic gene sequencers and bioinformatics? Where is that senior investment manager who understands how to connect new derivative-based financial instruments with electronic markets? If those people even exist, do they have any real skill at helping those who work for them learn better and faster? How should their managers help them strike the right balance between advancing current knowledge work practice and educating those apprentices in the appropriate mysteries of the craft?”
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More Electronic Discovery Resources for June

Tuesday, June 7th, 2005

The new June issue of the webzine Law Practice Today has an electronic discovery and computer forensics theme, along with a ton of other great articles and columns. Highly recommended, especially Daryl Mountain’s article on innovation in law firms. I have a column about Internet resources on computer forensics issues.
EDD expert George Socha told me about the new Electronic Discovery Reference Model Project, which is intended to provide:
A common language for talking about electronic discovery processes;
A basis for standards and guidelines; and
A basis for design and evaluation of products and services. continues to be an excellent “portal” for information about electronic discovery.
A Gold Mine of Electronic Discovery Expertise: A Conversation Among Veterans of Electronic Discovery Battles” is now the most popular download on the Law Practice Today website.
New free EDD On-demand webinars for June from Tom O’Connor, Michael Clark and me have recently been posted.
Want to learn a heckuva lot more about electronic discovery? Consider my new half-day seminar called Preparing for the New World of Electronic Discovery: Easing Your Transition from Paper to Electronic Discovery for your firm, corporate legal department or other group.
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