Springsteen – On the Floor

My pal Doctor Jeff saw the Chicago stop on the current Bruce Springsteen tour and raved about it. He got in touch with me when the new US tour dates were announced and said that we had to try to see the shows in St. Louis and Milwaukee.
A quick look at the recent set lists shows why. That, and a 27 year tradition since the first Springsteen concert I attended – a magical show at Notre Dame in 1978.
So, Jeff and I, more like a couple of college kids than the seasoned professional services providers that we are, were on the Ticketmaster website ready to go on Saturday morning and talking on the cell phone so we could make a snap judgment about the quality of the seats we might get and whether to forego poor seats at Milwaukee to roll the dice on concentrating on St. Louis tickets next Saturday.
After a few failed attempts, Jeff says, “I got floor seats.” We decided to take them. 19th row on the floor – some of the best seats I’ve had for a concert in quite a while.
However, there’s always room to improve, and we’ll see what we can do for the St. Louis show when tickets go on sale next Saturday.
I’m starting to get the bug for this tour. Here’s my new discount. If you book my half-day electronic discovery seminar and provide me with a good seat for a Springsteen show in your city on the evening before the seminar, I’ll waive my travel expenses. The tour calendar is here.
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  1. Maryland Mike says

    Saw solo Springsteen in Va.. It was a great show. The only way I got tickets was brother-in-law was friends with PR guy at University where it was held. I just can’t believe it is so difficult to get his tickets. He and I are same age (55). I read piece from newspaper in India where Bruce says he will be traveling with E Street at the end of the year (?). It’s no easier to get tickets in Europe. BS broke U2′s previous record for sellout in Ireland – something like 6 minutes.