Karen Kovacik’s Metropolis Burning

Karen Kovacik is one of my most talented friends, a highly-respected poet and someone I’m always pestering to start a blog. She’s spent a good deal of time in Warsaw, Poland in the last few years and I’ve always enjoyed her emails and letters from her stays in Poland.
Her newest book, Metropolis Burning, draws in part on her experiences in Poland and has garnered praise from a number of commentators. Anything Karen writes gets my highest recommendation, so I encourage you to read this book.
For those of you in Indianapolis, Karen is doing a reading on September 9.
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Hurricane Help – Starting Points (or New Orleans Relief, part 2)

Glenn Reynolds has a great list of organizations you can donate to for assistance in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.
B.L. Ochman and Evan Schaeffer recommend the Red Cross as your best choice.
I have not yet seen or heard of systems being set up via Amazon or elsewhere as happened after the tsunami, but would be surprised if we do not see that.

Ernie the Attorney’s most recent posts
are highly recommended to give you a flavor of what is happening.
If you go to Technorati, you can set up a watchlist (with an RSS feed) to view reports from bloggers and other news updates in one place.

Denise Howell has also pointed to the National Geographic’s list of relief organizations
From the Slidell Hurricane Damage Blog is a reference to a special Craigslist site for New Orleans related to relief and other efforts. A bit more detail on the same topic can be found ont the Lifehacker blog.
There is also a Katrina Aftermath blog that will probably provide good information and resources. Note the recent post about how spammers hit the contact email shortly after the site launched.

Robert Scoble has another good collection of pointers to news and resources
. Among them is PoynterOnline, which among other things, points to this useful Guidestar database.
If words don’t convince, then John Robb has pointed to a collection of pictures that might.
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New Lawyer Marketing Web Resource Debuts

I wanted to make a quick note about the debut of a new legal marketing “portal” website from Thomson FindLaw called LawyerMarketing.com. Looks to be a solid start for a helpful resource on legal marketing information and resources. I also like their judgment in featuring an article that discusses the comments on blogging my colleagues at the Between Lawyers blog and I made on the role of blogging in legal marketing.
Check it out.
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New Orleans Relief, part 1

I’m planning to collect and post a set of links about ways to help out with the Hurricane Katrina disaster.
For now, however, my biggest relief is that my friend and blogging colleague Ernie Svensen has gotten out New Orleans safely. The posts on his blog about his experience are both touching and compelling. The last email he sent to our private Between Lawyers email list when he first tried to evacuate was harrowing at the time and frightening accurate in the aftermath. I’m very happy that he’s out of the city now.
Although lawyers don’t often reveal personal feelings, I will admit that I worried greatly over the last few days about Ernie once I learned that he had not been able to evacuate before the storm hit.
It’s difficult to comprehend what it means for a major US city to be out of business and all-but-vacant for what may be a period of months.
I will try to post links to relief and other efforts and point to ways people can help.
I was also asked to help publicize the following press release:
WASHINGTON, D.C., Aug. 30, 2005 – As the eyes of the nation remain focused on the hurricane-ravaged southeastern United States, especially Mississippi and Louisiana, the American Bar Association stands ready to assist those injured by Hurricane Katrina.
ABA President Michael S. Greco has announced that he is enlisting the ABA Young Lawyers Division and lawyers from several ABA sections to assist hurricane victims in the coming days and weeks. The lawyers will assist with insurance claims, home repair contracts, wills and other documents, and related issues.
The ABA has provided pro bono assistance to storm victims since 1978, when the ABA and the Federal Emergency Management Agency agreed to utilize the ABA Young Lawyers Division in staffing a toll-free hotline open to disaster victims.
FEMA is now in the process of establishing a hotline staffed by ABA volunteer lawyers to assist victims in each affected state. A complete listing of the FEMA hotlines and other available legal resources will be posted on the ABA Web site, www.abanet.org, in the coming days.

While legal services are obviously not the first priority at the moment, there are many other things that lawyers and other readers of this blog may be able to do to help. I recommend staying tuned to Ernie’s blog for his reports and insights into the situation.
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Doing My Part to Make the Blawgosphere a Bit More Wry

I returned from the recent ILTA conference and noticed today two blog posts I seem to have inspired.
First, Alex Lubarsky returned from a bit of a hiatus with a great post on electronic discovery issues on his Alextronic Discovery blog. The post mentions that I got to meet Alex at ILTA and notes a comment that I made that was part of the reason that Alex got back to posting on his blog. I appreciate that Alex noticed the wryness of my comment to him. Although I’m flattered, I’ll take his kind words calling me a “blawger legend” with a shot of wry.
Second, no list of the very best legal bloggers is complete without the name of Evan Schaeffer on it. I’m honored to have played a small part in Evan’s decision to take up blogging. Evan has a new post that he notes was inspired by me in which he wryly discusses at some length the use of the F-word in legal pleadings and his own personal history of using the word in his writing. I’ll note, in my own wry way, that I’m flattered to be the inspiration for the post, I think.
All of which reminds me to mention the new “Thinking E-Discovery” column (first column here) that Evan, Tom Mighell (a true blawger legend whose blog just celebrated its third birthday) and I are writing on the DiscoveryResources.org site. By the way, I’ll note in a wry way, the only use of an F-word you’ll see in our column will be the word “forensics” or the word increasingly being uttered by lawyers who lose cases because they know nothing about about electronic discovery.
Hey, it’s great to be back home after a long trip. I’ll be writing about some of what I learned at ILTA in the near future.
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