A Reflection on Blogging at the End of 2005

This quote from Rich Karlgaard via Doc Searls captures something essential about blogging at the end of 2005:

Blogging is not overhyped. You may be forgiven for thinking so, as no day goes by without a story on blogs. But blogs are no fad. They are cheap and easy to do. And blogs fulfill that deepest of human needs as defined by psychologist Abraham Maslow: self-actualization. People write blogs because they want to know themselves and want to be known by others and because they want their lives to count. When a communications medium is both riding the Moore’s Law cost-capability curve and tapping into a deep need, it’s no fad.

All best wishes for 2006!
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  1. says

    The Blog Revolution is due to the fact that blogs are the universalization of web content.
    Blogs represent the rise of individual voice against the MSM/govt./religion information hegemony.
    Now anyone can, for the first time in history, publish any material to a global audience, at little to no cost. Quickly. Easily. Permanently.
    Blogs are better than conventional static web sites because of their interactivity and simplicity.
    Blogs are platforms for any kind of communication and collaboration.
    Let’s stick to the core values of blogging and watch the worldwide democracy movement grow via the blogosphere, see Iran especially.