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Dennis Kennedy is one of the most knowledgeable legal technologists you will find. - Michael Arkfeld.

Dennis Kennedy, a lawyer and legal technology expert in St. Louis, Mo., has been a significant influence in the ever-evolving relationship between lawyers and the Web. - Robert Ambrogi

Can You Tell Us More About the “Surviving the Email Avalanche” Webinar You’re Speaking at on February 14?

Surviving the Email Avalanche is a “must-hear” teleconference and webinar presented by the Section of Litigation of the American Bar Association on February 14, 2006. The details are available at
Todd Flaming, Ted Banks, Nancy Flynn and I will be your faculty presenters. To be honest, with this group even the preliminary brainstorming conference we had was highly educational – I learned quite a few new things.
Usability expert Jakob Nielsen wrote in 1999 that, when surveyed, everyone said that they were overwhelmed by the amount of email they received – whether it was 10 or 100 emails a day. Nielesen said, “No matter how much email you get, it is too much and too stressful – and you are behind in dealing with it.” Isn’t it quaint to think back to 1999 when 100 emails seemed like a lot?
In the session, we are going to take a highly practical approach and offer you ideas for dealing with your overflowing inbox at the personal, organizational and policy levels. You will get some great ideas and nothing will help you more with your personal productivity than getting your email under control.
So, get on over the registration site and see if you can attend. We’d definitely enjoy having you be part of the audience.
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