How Difficult Is It Becoming to Sort Through Electronic Discovery and Litigation Technology Vendors?

Rees Morrison has a good analytical post on the number of electronic discovery and litigation support vendors at the recent LegalTech New York conference. The numbers help you understand why making choices in these categories can seem overwhelming.
The money quote:

My point from this admittedly flawed and artificial research is merely that law departments that are forced to come to grips with expensive, complicated, fast-changing and crucial document discovery have hundreds of vendors clamoring for selection.

Too many of these vendors still want to describe themselves as “full-service electronic discovery providers,” a description that I don’t think is helpful to anyone. I spent a fair amount of time on the exhibit floor trying to get electronic discovery vendors to explain to me what market segments they were really good at. Learning that is very helpful.
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    Excellent post – and in looking recently at the “stages in the eDiscovery process” it was interesting to see that while Gartner and Socha-Gelbmann are close in the classification of the processes, many vendors have their own “approach” to classifying stages based on their specific offerings. This “blurring” of stages makes it tough – even for eDiscovery professionals, to compare offerings.