Should Law Firms Have Chief Innovation Officers?

Renee Callahan Hopkins raises the question “Should companies have Chief Innovation Officers?” in the new Corante Innovation Hub.
Fascinating discussion. I wonder if we’ll see any law firms moving in that direction?
This topic might be an interesting one to discuss at the rapidly-approaching LexThink Lounge event.
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    I don’t think *any* company should have a “Chief Innovation Officer”.
    Innovation should come from (and be encouraged) in all areas of the organization from every employee. In a good organization with proper leadership and strong managers, that’s what does and should happen.
    There’s already a corporate officer who should be encouraging innovation and rewarding good ideas. The article asks, “How do you determine which ideas have the most merit and which to fund? Who is responsible for the succcess or failure of these ideas?”
    That answer is easy: the CEO. That’s why we pay them so much. They are supposed to be *leaders*.