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DennisKennedy.Blog Reader Appreciation Gift – Free X1 License Download Offer

The nice people at X1 have graciously agreed to provide up to 50 of the readers of my blog with a free license to the X1 Desktop Search tool ($75 regular price). The downloads are my way of saying “thank you” to the readers of this blog.
There is no software that will improve your daily life as a computer user more than a desktop search tool like X1. I use X1 to search both my local hard drives and, most importantly, as the fast, effective search tool that I’ve always wished that Microsoft Outlook would have had. I can tell you that Microsoft Outlook seems like a completely different program once you use X1 a desktop search tool for searching your email.
How often do you have trouble finding a file or wish that you could find all of the documents that contain a certain word or phrase. Now you can do that. It’s fast and it works very, very well — across your entire desktop as well as your enterprise network.
There will be a limited number of these licenses available. Simply click on the link here and you can download your copy. When the licenses run out, you won’t be able to download a copy. So, if the last time we did a promotion like this is any example, you will want to act quickly.
Thank you again for reading my blog. A special thank you to Gregg Coapman and Ann Kuo of X1 for making this happen.
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2 Responses to “DennisKennedy.Blog Reader Appreciation Gift – Free X1 License Download Offer”

  1. Dennis,let me first tell you that you are my tech hero. I was honored to meet you at the ABA Techshow and I read your blog daily. I was wondering if you had a chance to download the new beta of MS Office? I see that Microsoft is offering it online. Before I purchase a bunch of licenses for my office, I would sure like to get your slant on it. Specifically, if the new version of Outlook can do a desktop search as you would recommend.

  2. Nienke says:

    Thx Dennis!
    I’m just about to try it out now.
    What a great idea for readers!

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