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Climbing Aboard the SharePoint Train

In my recent presentations on legal technology trends, I’ve singled out the high level of interest among law firm IT directors in Microsoft SharePoint Services, especially for collaborative efforts. In my recent post about one of Bill Gates’s executive email newsletters, I expressed my interest in what I had heard about SharePoint Services 2007 and Knowledge Network for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 mentioned by Gates and some others.
Yesterday, I got a guided tour of SharePoint Services at Microsoft’s offices here from Microsoft and St. Louis blogger Randy Holloway. I really appreciate him making the time to talk wtih me. (Randy and I have talked before – on this podcast we did together.)
It’s not that I needed a lot of convincing, but I came away more convinced than ever that SharePoint Services have an immense amount of potential in the legal profession.
On the car ride back, I decided that my big project for the summer is to become as knowledgeable as I possibly can about SharePoint Services and to learn more about what is being done in law firms and legal departments and what else SharePoint Services might be used for.
I’ve created a new category on my blog for SharePoint Services and will be working on building a list of useful resources.
For a great overview demo, you can’t do better than starting here and then exploring the home page for SharePoint Services. For more about the Knowledge Network, see the Microsoft Knowledge Network Team Blog.
I’d be grateful for any useful links or recommendations of resources that you might have for me. There’s a TON of potential here.
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  1. I encourage everyone reading this blog entry to read some of my past entries on Sharepoint in the Legal world:

  2. Technology Mgr for Corporation says:

    We have successfully launched Sharepoint for our Intranet and Extranet audiences. I am currently working on the business rules for the connection between our matter management software (which lacked a robust DMS) and Sharepoint for better workflow. I would love to see comments from anyone else using Sharepoint in a corporate legal environment, or am happy to help anyone just getting started.

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