It’s great to have Shelley Powers back blogging on a regular basis again.
Her post, Sauna St. Louis, perfectly captures the essence of the aftermath of the rain a few days ago during our latest heat/humidity wave. I’m from northern Indiana and I always associate summer thunderstorms with cooling things off. It’s demoralizing to find that it’s even hotter and more humid after a thunderstorm, as is often the case in the summer in St. Louis. Unlike Shelley, however, I find that I’m not ready to embrace the heat and love the humidity.
Adding the sauna effect, on Saturday, steam was rising off our street as it rained.
I developed a little index to help me decide whether or not I wanted to ride my bike in the heat. I simply add the temperature and the humidity. The number was 170 at 8:00 yesterday morning. I decided that maybe that was too high. Currently, my index number is 148.
But the electricity is back. Sort of. We just got back from picking up my father-in-law and bringing him here after another power outage in his neighborhood (second in three days). It looked like a very large swath of south St. Louis city and county were without power – cause unknown.
And the heat goes on.
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Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Starting Points

Tom Collins wrote a great post yesterday called “Law Firm Business Interruption” that is required reading. Tom sets out three principles that are essential elements of any disaster recovery plan:
1. Protect Personal Safety
2. Maintain Employee Contact
3. Protect Firm Survivability
If you start with this list, you will be well ahead of most other firms. Read Tom’s post for more details.
I would add a fourth key principle: “No disaster recovery plan will survive intact after its first contact with a real disaster.”
This point was hammered home again during the recent mass electrical outages in St. Louis (the stories are now that at one point there were more than 1 million outages (out of a potential 2.4 million) in the St. Louis area).
For what it’s worth, I’ve found that the points I’ve made in the presentations and materials I’ve written on disaster recovery have stood up very well in the face of my own experiences. I’d now add that even with a good disaster recovery plan, you should not expect to have an easy or fun time.
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Electricity is Back

A big thank you to the surprising number of people who have gotten in touch with me and expressed concern and good wishes in our recent extended electrical outage.
There are still 150,000 outages in St. Louis, so, althought we are very happy (I’m thinking about making some toast, because I now can), I’m hoping that others without power here (and everywhere) get back to normal soon. We appreciate all the sacrifices made by those working on the ground in exceedingly dangerous conditions.
Until I get back to regular blogging in a few days, I recommend this fascinating post from Ron Friedmann as something to think about.

Please Send Electricity

We’re now on day 5 (or day 4, I guess, depending on how you count) without electricity in St. Louis after the freak thunderstorm last week.
I found a restaurant about five miles from home with a WiFi connection (a balky and temperamental one) for a quick blog post.
The latest word in the street is that it could take another WEEK for our electricity at home to be restored. I’m sure that there will be much discussion and second-guessing on the response to this unprecedented loss of the electrical grid in the weeks to come. For example, I’m not sure that Ameren’s decision to shut down the system for letting you know how long it might be until your power is restored will be seen as the wisest PR move they ever made. I’m in favor of more transparency than less in these situations, although it is kind of fun to hear rumors and stories that your neighbors and people you run into have heard.
I’ve been using some of my time on long bike rides (noticed several wires still lying on the ground near us). Rode down to my father-in law’s house and trashed the contents of his refrigerator and freezer this morning (did ours yesterday – I was an optimist until then). He’s 88 and has been shuttling between his children’s house, as have my wife and daughter. Unfortunately for me, everyone with electricity also has cats, to which I am very allergic.
It’s interesting that, today, for the second time this year, I’ve been rethinking my disaster recovery plan – both times based on what happens in the of indefinite electrical outages.
A thought experiment for you: imagine what all you might have to do differently if you have no electricity for a week or more. It’s no wonder that Evan is thinking along these lines.
As bloggers like to say, expect light postings, if any, for the next few days.
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Soulard Idea Market: Meet LexThink in St. Louis

Matt Homann has announced the details on the first Soulard Idea Market in St. Louis on August 8. There’s a cool agenda and you’ll get a chance to meet some great people, share some ideas and get introduced to Open Space and the LexThink approach. It’ll be the first of what we hope will be many Idea Markets.
If you will be in St. Louis on the 8th and want to join us, get in touch with Matt. Among other things, it’ll be a great chance to meet other St. Louis bloggers.
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