Meeting the Law Librarian Bloggers

I had a great time meeting about 30 or so law librarian bloggers and bloggers-to-be in St. Louis last night. Connie Crosby offers her perspective here.
As always, it is great fun to meet other bloggers in person. I’ve long been a big fan of what law librarians are doing with blogs (note category #2 here) and it was a pleasure to meet some of the bloggers I’ve read for a long time in person and to see some BlawgThink alumnae again.
Congratulations to Sabrina Pacifici who received a very deserved and very prestigious award for her work at and the BeSpacific blog at this AALL annual meeting.
If you ever get the chance to go to a gathering of bloggers, do whatever you can to try to attend. I’ve always found a generous, welcoming group who are as smart and interesting as their blogs are.
As an aside, it was interesting to see how a LexThink Lounge event would work very well for a group of this type and the vendors who want to reach that group.
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  1. says

    The blogger meetup was really terrific. It was great to meet you, since you’re one of the lawyer blogger/trendsetters.
    I so enjoyed putting faces to blogs! Thanks to Barbara Fullerton, whose idea it was.

  2. Barbara Fullerton says

    This was wonderful! Thanks to everyone that came to the meeting! We were happy with the great turnout and positive responses. Looking forward to what the future has for this group!