50 Great Blogging Resources

Neil Patel offers an excellent list of his 50 Favorite Blogging Resources, a great collection for bloggers from the beginner to the experienced blogger.
Thanks to Marcus Zillman for this pointer and many more useful ones on a regular basis.
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Reminder: My Upcoming Blogging Presentation in St. Louis

Just a reminder:
Thanks to the good people at the St. Louis Chapter of the Institute of Management Consultants, I’ll be sharing my insights on blogging and podcasting on November 17.
Here are the details:

Dennis Kennedy, Speaker
November 17, 2006
Registration & Networking 7:15 am, Breakfast 7:30, Meeting 8:00 am – 9:15 am
Ces & Judy’s
(10405 Clayton Road (in Le Chateau Village, St. Louis, Missouri)
Tom Peters has said, “Biz Blogging . . . works. It is of . . . MONUMENTAL IMPORTANCE. (Or can be.)” In the session, well-known St. Louis blogger Dennis Kennedy (http://www.denniskennedy.com/blog/) will introduce you to the new world of blogs and podcasts and the benefits they now bring to many consultants and professional services providers. You will start with blogging 101 and then learn how you can uses blogs and podcasts to connect with a larger audience, enhance your reputation and marketing reach, and build your business. Kennedy will share his insights from more than three years of blogging. Business blogging does work.
Dennis Kennedy ([email protected]) is a St. Louis lawyer who both practices computer law and provides technology consulting services for law firms and corporate legal departments. His blogs, DennisKennedy.Blog (http://www.denniskennedy.com/blog/) and Between Lawyers (http://betweenlawyers.corante.com/), are among the longest-running, best-known and most influential of the legal blogs. In 1995, Dennis became one of the first group of lawyers with a web page, and he has frequently spoken, written and been quoted on Internet marketing issues, including the use of blogs by lawyers and other professional services providers.
An award-winning author with hundreds of publications to his credit and a frequent speaker, Dennis was named the 2001 TechnoLawyer of the Year and 2003 Contributor of the Year by TechnoLawyer.com for his role in promoting the use of technology in the practice of law. His website (www.denniskennedy.com) has long been considered a highly regarded resource on legal technology and technology law topics.
He is also a co-founder of LexThink!, a conference and consulting group that focuses on innovation in the professional services industry (http://www.lexthink.com). Dennis also co-writes a popular column on electronic discovery at DiscoveryResources.org. He is a member of the ABA Law Practice Management Section’s Council and is an editor and board member of the Law Practice Today webzine (http://www.lawpracticetoday.org).
Dennis received his J.D., cum laude, from the Georgetown University Law Center in 1983 and B.A., magna cum laude, from Wabash College in 1983.
Costs: $30 for IMC Members, $40 for non-IMC members,includes buffet breakfast.
If you bring a first-time guest, you will get $5.00 back at the door. Also, your Guest will receive a $5.00 discount.
We prefer that you register via our online registraton below. If you must call in your registration – call Kathy Robinson at Cost Containment Strategies – 314-439-5673.
Please make your reservation no later than Tuesday (by noon) before the Friday program.

Get more info about IMC-STL and the presentation here. Register here.
IMC-STL is a great group. I invite my local readers – lawyers or non-lawyers – to attend this session and learn more about the topic and the group.
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RSS Guide: Automated Web Surfing for Lawyers

Tom Mighell and I have co-written an article called “RSS Resources You Can Use: Automated Web Surfing for Lawyers” in the latest issue of the ABA Law Practice Management Section’s webzine Law Practice Today.
The article is designed to give a short introduction to RSS feeds and news readers, and then point readers to some of the most helpful resources we’ve found on these topics, with an emphasis on resources most helpful to lawyers. You will find information for both the total beginner and for advanced users. We hope you find the article helpful.
The money quote:

Indeed, if you are not finding a way to incorporate RSS technology into your online research toolkit, you are missing out on an amazingly powerful resource.

And research is just one of the ways you can make good use of RSS feeds.
Tom and I were talking today and decided to follow this article up next month with a “part 2″ that will focus on how to find good RSS feeds and other topics that we didn’t cover in the current article. If you have topics you’d like to see us cover in that article, let us know.
If you have an interest in electronic discovery, be sure to check out the article Tom and I wrote last month on best Interest resources on electronic discovery. It’s called “EDD-ucating Yourself About Electronic Discovery.” Tom and I, either individually or collectively, have been writing the column called “The Strongest Links” on Law Practice Today for several years. If you check the archive, you’ll find a large collection of articles highlighting Internet resources on a variety of subject areas. Each of the articles makes for a good starting point on the topic.
As always, be sure to visit the current edition of Law Practice Today – there are a lot of very good articles this month.
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Election Day 2006: The Applause You Hear

Hosanna! The cheers you hear in Missouri are from those of us relieved that the telephone hell of incessant phone calls from political campaigns will finally be coming to an end. We all dread to pick up the phone at our house when it rings any more. The current approach to political campaigns of bombarding potential voters with recorded phone calls really must be rethought. There’s really nothing worse these days than being in a “swing state,” “firewall state” or whatever the pundits’ phrase of choice for a state like Missouri. I hope analysts find a strong correlation between use of these techniques and losing elections.
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Podcast: New E-discovery Rules in the Federal Courts

The latest stop on my recent electronic discovery speaking tour was at the deservedly highly-praised Coast to Coast podcast on the Legal Talk Network, one of the longest-running legal podcast series.
The podcast is now available and here’s the description:

On December 1, 2006, new amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure will take effect and change how civil cases will be tried forever. In this Coast to Coast we discuss the e-discovery changes, what the impact will be for corporate America and how companies can prepare themselves before the new rules take effect. Join Law.com bloggers and co-hosts, J.Craig Willams and Robert Ambrogi as they get insight into the world of e-discovery from the experts, Michele C.S. Lange, Esq., staff attorney in the Electronic Evidence Services group at Kroll Ontrack Inc. and Dennis Kennedy, well-known lawyer and legal technology consultant based in St. Louis, Missouri. Don’t miss this program!

What a great group to work with! A big thank you to everyone at Coast to Coast, especially Kate Kenney, for inviting me.
If you would like to get a good overview on what you need to know about electronic discovery in the context of the upcoming amendments to the FRCP, this podcast is a great starting place. Michele is certainly one of the most knowledgeable people you will find on EDD issues and Bob and Craig did their usual great job of asking questions that focused on the issues that should be on the minds of lawyers as December 1 approaches.
If you haven’t yet experimented with listening to podcasts, or don’t yet understand what the whole podcast thing is about, this episode of Coast to Coast will be a great place to get introduced to the podcast phenomenon. Even better, subscribe to the Coast to Coast RSS feed and you’ll get automatic notice of new programs.
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Learn more about electronic discovery at Dennis Kennedy’s Electronic Discovery Resources page.
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