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Welcome to those of you visiting this blog after it was mentioned in Bob Ambrogi’s excellent list of EDD blogs on I’ve been a long-time fan of Bob’s articles on Internet resources and his two recent articles are great updates of an article Tom Mighell and I wrote last year called “EDD-ucating Yourself About Electronic Discovery.”
You will notice that this blog is not a “pure” electronic discovery blog as were most, if not all, of the other blog’s on Bob’s list. I write regularly about e-discovery, but probably about one every couple of weeks. I tend to focus on trends and practical issues involved in electronic discovery. I let the other bloggers cover case law and legal developments.
I will point you to the archive for the electronic discovery category for this blog. That’s where you’ll find my electronic discovery posts.
I’ll recommend three posts to give you a flavor for my approach to EDD: “26 Electronic DIscovery Trends for 2008,” “Electronic Discovery Trends and Blogs” and “The Electronic Discovery Continuum.”
You will probably also enjoy the recent roundtable article I was part of called “The New Federal Rules on E-Discovery: The First 180 Days.”
I’ve done a significant amount of writing and speaking on EDD issues over the past few years. My focus in EDD is on education. I do no EDD consulting and have tried to be an independent voice on e-discovery. I concentrate on speaking and writing, including writing white papers for EDD vendors.
I focus on three areas of e-discovery:
1. Trends.
2. Practical technology issues (e.g., metadata).
3. Client perspectives on EDD.
If you are new to this blog, I hope you find it valuable and consider subscribing to the blog’s RSS feed. As I said, EDD is a just one part of the subject matter of this blog. I think you’ll also find the rest of what I cover interesting enough to keep you returning.
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FastCase and Free Legal Research for Missouri Lawyers

One of my side projects for the last year or so was being part of a Missouri Bar task force charged with bringing a legal research alternative as a member benefit to members of the Missouri Bar.
It was a productive and fun experience, and I’m proud to say that it resulted in both a great new member benefit and a President’s Award for the task force from the Missouri Bar.
We recommended FastCase as the service provider and the service launched last summer. More details here.
We had a follow-up conference call yesterday and I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of usage the service is already getting, and the positive response it seems to be getting to this point.
It also reminded me to recommend that Missouri Bar members who read this blog and haven’t tried the FastCase service yet should definitely get out there and give it a try. You can’t beat the price.
It will be interesting to see the long-term impact of this program and others like it being adopted by other state bars on traditional legal research tools. Considered this recent development.
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The Definitive List of Collaboration Software Tools for Lawyers

Tom Mighell and I have finished the first draft of our upcoming book, tentatively titled “The Lawyer’s Guide to Collaboration Tools,” which has earned us the green light to move on the second draft. We’re pleased with the positive response to the first draft.
One of the things we want to do in the book itself (expect a companion website for updates) is to put together as a complete a list as we can of software and other collaboration tools geared specifically to the legal profession.
I know that a good number of legal software vendors read this blog and, of course, many others active in legal technology. Tom and I are hoping to get a little help from you to put together this directory of collaboration tools.
If you know of products or services that should go onto our list for the book, please email me at denniskennedyblog @ Tom and I thank you in advance for your help and for the interest people are already expressing in the book.
With the schedule we have for the second draft, expect posts on this blog to continue to be a little light.
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Windows Home Server and SharePoint

Microsoft’s new Windows Home Server is definitely a new technology that has gotten my attention. If you are a reader of my Google Reader Shared Items, you will have already noticed a growing number of links to WHS items.
Windows Home Server acts as a central hub for your home network, simplifying backup, storage, access and even remote access to your files. There’s a lot going on there. I’ve found the MS Windows Home Server blog to be a great resource on developments with Windows Home Server. A recent post pointed out that WIndows Home Server could be a platform for another of my favorite technologies – Microsoft SharePoint. WHS just gets more interesting to me.
Those of you interested in learning more about SharePoint will appreciate Microsoft’s new SharePointPedia.
Speaking of SharePoint and collaboration tools, I’ll note that Tom Mighell and I have turned in the first draft of our book (working title: The Lawyer’s Guide to Collaboration Tools). I’m looking forward to a short break before we launch into the second draft. We have an aggressive timeline to meet in order to make the goal of having the book out in time for the ABA TECHSHOW next spring, so blogging may continue to be light here.
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