The Definitive List of Collaboration Software Tools for Lawyers

Tom Mighell and I have finished the first draft of our upcoming book, tentatively titled “The Lawyer’s Guide to Collaboration Tools,” which has earned us the green light to move on the second draft. We’re pleased with the positive response to the first draft.
One of the things we want to do in the book itself (expect a companion website for updates) is to put together as a complete a list as we can of software and other collaboration tools geared specifically to the legal profession.
I know that a good number of legal software vendors read this blog and, of course, many others active in legal technology. Tom and I are hoping to get a little help from you to put together this directory of collaboration tools.
If you know of products or services that should go onto our list for the book, please email me at denniskennedyblog @ Tom and I thank you in advance for your help and for the interest people are already expressing in the book.
With the schedule we have for the second draft, expect posts on this blog to continue to be a little light.
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  1. says

    Dennis -
    Are there collaboration tools that are geared specifically at the legal profession?
    Every collaboration tool I use could be used in any profession. The telephone, email, video conferencing, wikis and extranets are all collaboration tools. New ones are popping up each day.
    Who would have thought that Facebook could be a collaboration tool or that Twitter would be used to cope with the San Diego wildfires.

  2. says

    New tools are indeed popping up everyday.
    I’m with ConXPoint and our web-based collaboration tool (CT) was released late last year. It was built with small to medium-sized professional businesses such as lawyers in mind.
    We are unique in that we have taken most of what is currently available in the CT software space and integrated a sophisticated e-signature tool that enables you to have documents signed without leaving a secure environment. Our tool also includes a Bates Numbering feature to quickly add those to documents.
    I would welcome an opportunity to give you a one-on-one demo of the software at your convenience. just email me a jarrowood at conxpoint dot com Or go to the website and sign up for Coffee with ConXPoint.

  3. Leah says is a great new site that does a fabulous job of collaboration. It’s completely browser-based, really easy to use, and has a free version. Cool videos too – I love it!

  4. says

    i dont think there are really any collaboration tools very specific to the legal industry. matter management, records management etc are really task management, document management etc rephrased for the legal industry. One software which has good experience in the legal industry is HyperOffice (link under). it offers a range of easy to use collaboration tools for lawyers such as document collaboration, email, scheduling and calendars, contact lists, workspaces etc. its especially beneficial for smaller firms since its so easy to set up.