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Windows Home Server and SharePoint

Microsoft’s new Windows Home Server is definitely a new technology that has gotten my attention. If you are a reader of my Google Reader Shared Items, you will have already noticed a growing number of links to WHS items.
Windows Home Server acts as a central hub for your home network, simplifying backup, storage, access and even remote access to your files. There’s a lot going on there. I’ve found the MS Windows Home Server blog to be a great resource on developments with Windows Home Server. A recent post pointed out that WIndows Home Server could be a platform for another of my favorite technologies – Microsoft SharePoint. WHS just gets more interesting to me.
Those of you interested in learning more about SharePoint will appreciate Microsoft’s new SharePointPedia.
Speaking of SharePoint and collaboration tools, I’ll note that Tom Mighell and I have turned in the first draft of our book (working title: The Lawyer’s Guide to Collaboration Tools). I’m looking forward to a short break before we launch into the second draft. We have an aggressive timeline to meet in order to make the goal of having the book out in time for the ABA TECHSHOW next spring, so blogging may continue to be light here.
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2 Responses to “Windows Home Server and SharePoint”

  1. Jodi says:

    Hi Dennis!
    This question may be answered in your book, but I thought it would help many to post it here, too.
    What about the security issues with “Sharepoint”, “Home Server” and collaborative tools?
    Thanks! Have a GREAT day!

  2. I agree that WHS has great potential. From all reports it is very practical and simple to use. The one thing in my view that might slow its adoption is whether people will be willing to pay the price. I’m thinking about getting the software and rebuilding my current main home PC as a WHS machine, and replacing that PC.

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