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ILTA Webinar on Blogs, Wikis and Discussion Forums

Kevin O’Keefe, Gloria Fox, and Lisa Kellar Gianakos and I repeating our session on using blogs and wikis from last August’s ILTA conference as a webinar on Thursday. I really enjoyed this presentation and getting to work with my co-presenters, so it’s nice to get to do an “encore” performance. There’s some great information in this presentation.
The webinar is called “How Wikis, Blogs and Discussion Forums Relate to Knowledge Management in the Legal Field” and you can get all the details and register for it at this ILTA registration page. The time is 11:00 AM Eastern on Thursday, December 13. We have 90 minutes for the session and hope to leave a good deal of time for questions and answers.
I thought that both members and non-members of ILTA could attend, but I didn’t see a way for non-members to register on the registration page. If interested, please follow-up with the great people at ILTA. If you know how non-members can register, please leave a note with instructions inthe comments to this post. If your organization is not a member, this might be a good time to join – I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all of my experiences with ILTA.
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One Response to “ILTA Webinar on Blogs, Wikis and Discussion Forums”

  1. Toby Brown says:

    Enjoyed the program yesterday. If you do this type of program again, a deeper look into the KM side of things would be valuable. Happy Holidays!

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