My Lexblog Q & A Interview

Thanks to Rob La Gatta and Lexblog for running a two-part interview with me as part of their excellent series of interviews with lawyer and law-related bloggers.
I enjoyed the interview greatly, as you probably will be able to tell. Part 1 is here and Part 2 is here.
I talk about the early history of blawgs, my own first steps to blogging, lessons learned and useful advice I wish I had gotten when I started. I tried to share some of my best information and thinking about blogging.
I also recommend the other interviews in the series – you can learn a ton of great things,, and not just about blawgs and blogging.
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    Thank you Dennis, it’s an honor for us at LexBlog to get interviews with folks like you.
    And you’re right about looking at the interviews being accumulated. After you mentioned how you enjoyed them, I went back and read many of them again. Great stuff – maybe a book someday. ;)