Started My New Job

As some of you already know, there’s been a lot happening with me in the last few weeks in addition to the publication of the new book.
I’ve joined MasterCard Worldwide as an in house counsel focusing on information technology law and working out of the St. Louis offices. My six word summary – great people, great work, great company. It’s a great opportunity that I’m very excited about, even though it brings my solo law practice to an end.
A commonly-asked question: will there be changes to this blog and website? Certainly – at a minimum, I have some updating to do and I’m getting started on that. I’m still sorting that out and also taking the opportunity to assess what directions I want to go with the blog. I’m guessing that I’ll focus to an even greater degree on legal tech topics and areas of personal interest. I haven’t written on legal topics on this blog since Missouri put into place advertising rules that I couldn’t understand how to comply with, and I don’t expect to go in that direction in my new position either.We’ll get that worked out. I might even take this opportunity to help my wife start a blog.
I’d enjoy hearing from readers with their suggestions of how I might refocus the blog a bit – comment on this post or email me at denniskennedyblog @
It’s also worth saying again, as I mention in the disclaimer on my page, the posts and opinions expressed on this blog and this website are solely my personal opinions. They do not represent or reflect (nor are they intended to represent or reflect) the positions, opinions, viewpoints, policies and/or statements of my employer or any other entity or person.
More about this later.
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  1. says

    Congrats on the new job again Dennis. Doesn’t seem like your enthusiasm has waned since we chatted at TechShow.
    It would be nice to see you blogging on issues tangentially related to your job ala Mike Dillion, general counsel at Sun. Understandably, as General Counsel, Mike’s parking spot may be closer to the building, but engaging in discussions with thought leaders as you may do at future conferences would not only be a win for the blog community, but allow you to grow professionally – a benefit to MC.

  2. Will says

    Good luck with the new job Dennis. I have enjoyed your work over the years and am glad to see that you are going to keep on writing.
    London, England
    (still happy with the freebie release code you sent me, Jan 06, to enable me to use X1)

  3. says

    Wow, big news Dennis! As Kevin points out, you’re now also one of the rare & closely watched in-house counsel bloggers. Use your new power wisely! ;)
    I also hope your life change brings as much happiness as mine did. Congrats!

  4. Jeff Carr says

    Dennis — congratulations and good luck with your new adventure. As you know, I think in-house counselling is perhaps the highest and most rewarding type of lawyering (excluding of course, pro bono). I hope you’ll join our happy little band of in-house fellow travelers in our efforts to foster better and more efficient systems for legal delivery services to our corporate clients. This doesn’t mean reverse auctioning all our work, treating our law firms like vendors, or pushing prices down (though of course, we do all of these things from time to time). We need our outside counsel to prosper and profit — but we need them to focus on delivery of value and on building their profitiability by reducing their cost of providing service as opposed to driving top line revenue growth. Your focus on and commitment to creatie application of technology solutions to our needs is a critical component of that overall shift in our collective consciousness. Congrats and best wishes again! — Jeff

  5. says

    Dennis, congrats on the new gig! Does this mean you get lifetime, no interest charge cards?? Quadruple frequent flier miles?? Limitless grace periods on credit card payments? Endless “priceless” Mastercard moments?
    Take care,