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Dennis Kennedy’s Links of the Week – April 6, 2008

Links of the Week is a regular feature on this blog where I list some of the most interesting links I’ve found during the previous week – sort of a “best of” from my Google Reader Shared Items. The idea is that I pick out a set of links that I might have wanted to write about or that I found especially thought-provoking or useful. I might or might not agree with the posts or items I link to, but I found them to be something I wanted to share.
On to the links:
Demise of Blogging?
Internal Mentoring Programs: The Wrong Approach (see some of my thoughts on mentoring in Finding Great Resources about Mentoring on the Internet May Be Even More Difficult Than Finding a Great Mentor On Your Own)
Competitive Intelligence That is Too Easy Not to Use
Why Brands Die (Marty also has the blog post title of the week – I Prefer His Earlier, Funnier Lawsuits)
Expose Your Company’s Blindspots
How to Create Auto-Summaries for Word 2007 Documents
Time to Pay Your Taxes, Support Wall Street, and Take a Licking
Drawing on the Desktop
10 Ways the Internet (As We Know It) Will Die
The Declining Power Of The Firm
Facebook Spam and Suggestions
Why do we want to maintain the world’s highest housing prices?
What I’ve Learned from Social Media
Open Decision Making
Yeah, it’s remarkable, BUT…
This Week’s Additions to 52 Books in 52 Weeks:
Beyond Bullet Points (Second Edition), by Cliff Atkinson

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Read the blog posts and RSS feed items I find most interesting on Google Reader Shared Items or subscribe to its RSS feed. High volume, but lots of interesting items that will get you thinking.
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  1. Hey Dennis, thanks for the mention and I like your article. Wow, you provide a lot of GREAT links in it, too. Stay well!

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