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New Question for Lawyers: BlackBerry or iPhone?

Trying to get back into the swing of blogging (and Twittering, for that matter) after our family vacation (for the curious, it was Maui and it was awesome) and some time off the grid.
Tom Mighell and I have recorded another episode of The Kennedy-Mighell Report podcast and it’s now available on the Legal Talk Network and on iTunes. The episode is called “Lawyers and Smartphones” and here’s the description:

Do the iPhone 3GS and Palm Pre have what it takes to topple BlackBerry as a lawyer’s smartphone? On this edition of the Kennedy-Mighell Report, co-hosts, Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell take a look at all three devices – hardware, software, functionalities and services – to compare. In the Q & A segment, Dennis and Tom will answer a few audience questions and wrap up with Parting Shots, leaving you with lasting tips and observations.

The new show notes wiki for the podcast is also now live at Great work by Tom getting the wiki up and going. (I notice that I need to get back from vacation on updating the wiki too.)
The recent iPhone release and response (apparently more than one million sold last weekend) got us thinking about whether the iPhone actually poses a threat to the domination of the BlackBerry in the legal profession. Our answer might surprise you . . . or perhaps it won’t. It was a great conversation and I suspect all readers of this blog will enjoy this episode. I also was able to convince Tom to let me talk about one of my pet legal technology theories – the “four generations of legal technology” and how they iPhone fits into that framework. We have a couple of especially good Parting Shots this episode, too.
While I was enjoying Maui, the Legal Talk Network also released another podcast episode that focused on the new Wolfram Alpha search tool and other Google alternatives for lawyers. The episode is called “The Future of Search” and I recommend that you add it to your podcast listening list.

Give the new episode a listen and let me know what you think.

A reminder that we have a regular segment in which we answer questions from our audience. Send me your questions and we’ll work them into upcoming episodes.
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One Response to “New Question for Lawyers: BlackBerry or iPhone?”

  1. Great Podcast!
    Until Blackberry integrates with Microsoft Exchange, there’s no possible way we’re going to stray from Windows Mobile or iPhone. If Apple can play nicely Microsoft, what’s Blackberry’s excuse?

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