Recent Microblog Posts – November 10, 2009

Just noticed that I passed the 1,500 post mark on this blog.
And I wanted to mention that The Kennedy-Mighell Report podcast has talked Tom and me into letting it have it’s own Twitter account – @tkmreport. The podcast had been complaining (a lot) lately about how it was “totally unfair” that our book had its own Twitter account (@collabtools), while it did not have one yet. The situation is now rectified.
But, I know, that’s not the reason you’re here. You’re here because you want to get the latest collection of posts from DennisKennedy.Microblog, which is a supplement to this blog that can be found on Twitter at @dkennedyblog. I invite you to become a follower. An explanation of the microblog can be found here.
Here are recent posts from the microblog:

Finding “The Complete Guide to Google Wave” (Trapani/Pash free ebook) to be very helpful –
Bruce MacEwen follows-up with “The Great “Laterals” Conversation, Chapter 2″ –
Ethan Zuckerman on why we fall for fast news –
Getting started with GTD – short primer podcast from David Allen –
Jane Genova points to NLJ report indicating that top 250 law firms reduced by 4% of lawyers in 2009 –
Am Law Tech Survey 2009 –
Chris Atherton: “When giving presentations, the only rule that matters is the rule of attention” –
Bruce MacEwen makes some very important points for those in law firms in his “What Makes Laterals Run?” –
Name change for ground-breaking Legal Underground blog – now Evan Schaeffer’s Underground -
When will I learn? Installed iTunes 9.0.2 update. Syncing problems ensued. iTunes updates are scariest moments in computing.
Jolie O’Dell: It’s About Time: Twitter Aims to Fix Trending Topics –
Philip Lenssen: “Check What Google Knows About You With Google Dashboard” – – a must-read
New blog post: Is Windows 7 Coming to Lawyers’ Computers? – our podcast now tweets: @tkmreport
RT @legaltalk Check out the latest Kennedy-Mighell Report . . . – topic is Windows 7
Rex Hammock on the best thing about blogging –
RT @LegalTalk: Legal Talk Network now has a Facebook Fan Page.
Rick Borstein on using Adobe Acrobat to create email portfolios for small EDD productions –

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