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Recent Microblog Posts – November 23, 2009

Here’s the latest collection of posts from DennisKennedy.Microblog, which is a supplement to this blog that can be found on Twitter at @dkennedyblog. I invite you to become a follower. An explanation of the microblog can be found here.
Here are recent posts from the microblog (an exceptionally good collection, IMO):

See twitter like someone else at cTwittlike ( – check out the twitterstream of people you know
Timelapse animation of US unemployment rates by county since 2007 –
Jane Genova – “Midsized Law Firms – Those online video trailers as new killer app” –
Twitter’s Positive Effect on Crafting Presentations –
Anyone else trying out Fishbowl (; or other desktop apps for FacebooK?
Steve Rubel: Apple “Tablet” and Chrome OS are Meaningless – the Phone is the Future of Computing –

Dave Winer on “Rebooting Personal News” – – delivering the backstory with the update
New post on DennisKennedy.Blog – “Making a List and Sharing It Too – New Podcast” –
Marshall Kirkpatrick on how blogging has changed over last 3 years (stats) – – blog posts have longer life spans
Andrew Dlugan on “right-sizing” your speaking gestures –
Valdis Krebs on network weaving – how did we get into our personal networks? - same as it ever was
Results are in from Lifehacker’s survey on best online backup tool – it’s Dropbox –
Presenter or tool? Dave Paradi has great presentation tips from his “Annoying PowerPoint Survey” –
Ron Friedman raises the question litigators often won’t: “The E-Discovery Battle between Vendors and Firms Has Arrived?”
Wait. Wait. You mean the default Twitter background isn’t cool enough? – (hat tip to @econwriter5)
RT @BentleyGTCSpeed: These days, you have to innovate just to hold your ground.
Want to take a closer look: “Six Apart releases tiny blog tool, TypePad Micro” (by Rafe Needleman) –
Rick Klau (@rklau) on U.S. Caselaw in Google Scholar – – simple citizen access to law
Patrick Lamb: Designating Someone To Argue “Con” – – “So, how would you know?”
RT @econwriter5: RT @HowellMarketing: FBI says hackers targeting law firms, PR firms, RT @MikeLizun, @jenhale
RT @tkmreport: Steve Rubel: “The Next Big Trend: It’s All About Curation” –
Joe Altonji: “What do we really know about how our kids will buy legal services?” –
Donna Papacosta: “Reasons to keep LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter updates separate” – – bonus: great use of “flummoxed”
RT @econwriter5: Yes. Really. A central dashboard to manage the various communities & apps I use every day. Life would be so much easier.
Nicholas Carr: “Does My Tweet Look Fat?” – – language compresses as communication velocity increases
Finding “The Complete Guide to Google Wave” (Trapani/Pash free ebook) to be very helpful –

Check out the latest The Kennedy-Mighell Report Podcast on the Legal Talk Network. – “Making a List and Sharing it Too.”
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