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Recent Microblog Posts – June 14, 2010

Here’s the latest collection of posts from DennisKennedy.Microblog, which is a supplement to this blog that can be found on Twitter at @dkennedyblog. I invite you to become a follower of the microblog. An explanation of the microblog can be found here.

Here are recent posts from the microblog:

Richard MacManus: How to Manage Your News Consumption in the Real-Time Web Era –

Hildebrandt Blog – Is Technology Strategic? – – good companion piece to our new podcast:

Mitch Joel: The Types fo Twitter Stars – – Your Twitter might not be my Twitter.

Jason Moore: MS Office Web Apps on SkyDrive now available to everyone in US, UK, Canada & Ireland.

Jack Vinson on “It Takes Two to Tango: Email Version” – – Email “pingpong” & “the email disease”

“Toot Suites” – My new ABA Journal column about office software choices:

Jack Vinson and Rick Brenner on Project Management Fallacies –

Patrick McKenna: Rules of Engagement – – toward eliminating dysfunctional meetings

RT @randyholloway: Also known as “Bring Your Own PC” (BYOPC). Check out: (re

New blog post: Home Computers at Work, new episode of Kennedy-Mighell Report podcast –

How to delegate effectively – great podcast from @allisonshields via RocketMatter –

Nature: Life after synthetic cell – (pdf); Venter’s TED talk –

Richard McManus: 5 Use Cases for The Real-Time Web –

RT @econwriter5: New blog post: Open Source Applications Gaining Traction in Legal Profession –

RT @dhowell: A trademark Blawg Review, from @trademarkblog (and @mschwimmer):

Zack Stern: 10 Great Ways to Get More from Your iPad –

Yvonne DiVita recommends Social Media Marketing GPS from Toby Bloomberg –

The Trademark Blog Is Eight Years Old Today –

Great to see this morning’s return of new episodes to BBC’s History of the World in 100 Objects podcast –

New Kennedy-Mighell Report Podcast – Outsourcing Your Office Suite: – Hat tip to insidelegal for topic idea

RT @jackvinson: “it doesn’t matter how many projects we have running: it matters how many we finish.”

Kennedy-Mighell Report podcast ( seeks audience questions for upcoming Q&A segments. Ask here:

From @insidelegal: In Their Own Words: Bradford & Barthel’s “Operation Google Apps” -

New blog post: “Social Media for Corporate Counsel – Upcoming Presentation” –

Tim O’Reilly: State of the Internet Operating System Part Two: Handicapping the Internet Platform Wars –

Great interview via Twitter with one of my favorite people, OKC IP attorney @douglassorocco –

New blog post: “iPads and Lawyers” –

Phil Windley: “Automatic Negotiation of Contracts Using Context” – – intersection of VRM and Law

New post on DennisKennedy.Blog re diversity-themed new issue of Law Practice Today and new articles:

The 2010 Hardware Buyer’s Guide Episode – New Kennedy-Mighell Report podcast –

New article (co-written w/ @econwriter5): Open Source Software Primer for Solo & Small Firm Lawyers –

April issue of Law Practice Today focuses on diversity issues in in law practice management – – A must-read

RT @jimcalloway: RT @internetcases Congrats to @rklau on new gig with Google Profiles: (Everyone needs a Google profile)

Making some administrative and technical transitions at DennisKennedy.Blog. Expect return to regular posts soon.

RT @onedegreelaw: About to launch “non-RFP” for legal recruiters-much like One Degree Law Litigation Challenge from last year-who wants in?

My latest ABA Journal column looks at iPad implications for lawyers –

RT @allisonshields: RT @TomMighell: #techshow edition of Kennedy-Mighell Report is up! with interviews:

John Pozadzides: “How I’d Hack Your Weak Passwords” – – An eye-opener about need for strong passwords

Tim O’Reilly on the state of the Internet Operating System – – must-read on “cloud computing”

Donna Papacosta: “Don’t Show Me Your First Draft” – – making the case for editing

Dale Dougherty: “The iPad needs its HyperCard” – – HyperCard was such a great program.

Louis Gray: A Big 2010 Trend: Disaggregation and Social Network Focus

Rachel Happe: If I Started Today – – Solid advice for getting started in social media

Project Check: A Checklist for Checklists –

The best lawyer job opening in the country today?

Adam Singer: “Your Life Should Be On An Accelerated Learning Curve” – – Excellent advice

Jon Thomas: PowerPoint is NOT the Problem with Presentations Today – – “PowerPoint is just a tool.”

Jayne Navarre: Fear of Facebook: Part II: How to use Facebook privacy settings –; see also

Check out the latest episode of The Kennedy-Mighell Report Podcast on the Legal Talk Network – Simplifying Legal Technology Strategies

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