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Celebrating the Tenth Blawgiversary of DennisKennedy.Blog

Ten years ago (February 15, 2003), I launched this blog and it’s striking how much that has happened to me since can be traced to this blog.

The original post started with a reference to my favorite science fiction TV series, Babylon 5, and said:

And so it begins . . .

I realized the other day that I had first written about blogs well over a year ago. In fact, the rise of blogs was one of my 2002 predictions for legal technology in my annual legal tech predictions article. As I was working on updating my web site (, I finally decided that I had to have my own blog. Thanks to people like Jerry Lawson, Sabrina Pacifici, the Support Forum at, it’s finally here.

This blog, which I named DennisKennedy.Blog, was my early birthday present to myself in 2003 (my birthday is actually in two days, on the 17th). I saw it as a place to experiment with my writing and the best way to generate my own RSS feed (the feed was something I wanted much more than just a “blog” and blogging software was the easiest way to generate an RSS feed). Both of those reasons remain true today.

I also remember how, at the time, I had the feeling that whole blog thing had already happened and that I’d missed it. I’m always surprised by how much time it took me after I had started speaking and writing about blogs to launch my own blog.

One of the annual traditions on this blog is to have an extravagant blawgiversary (or blogiversary) celebration. Another thing I tend to do (which some have even criticized me for – little do they understand how close you can get to a blog after a few years) is to anthromorphize this blog.

I mention both things, because my blog has made it clear that it wants just a low-key, stay at home, no presents please blawgiversary for number 10. The blog is feeling a little introspective and contemplative on this occasion, as am I.

I will say, on my blog’s behalf, that it’s been a great ten years and we look forward to many more. There are so many people to thank and we appreciate all the readers over the years, especially those who have been reading since the beginning. We also want to give a big welcome to new readers.

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3 Responses to “Celebrating the Tenth Blawgiversary of DennisKennedy.Blog”

  1. Happy 10th blawgiversary Dennis – you’ve set a high bar!

    And a very happy birthday!


  2. Mike McBride says:

    Congrats on 10 great years!

  3. Hi Dennis,

    Happy Blawgiversary! Ten years is a long time to stick around; here’s to another decade!

    Carolyn Elefant

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