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St. Louis Power Outage 2.0 – The Iced Version

As Evan Schaeffer, Marianne Richmond (hey, we went to a Panera’s today for lunch too), and Shelley Powers have noted, St. Louis was hit with a devastating ice storm last night. 500,000 without electricity, including Evan’s family and my family. That almost matches last summer’s outages.
I’ve never seen so many trees and branches down (something I said after the summer storm). I’ve also never been without electricity for an extended period (and there’s no doubt this will be an extended period) in the winter before. We’ve been working on alternative arrangements most of the day. I walked around the neighborhood with our daughter taking pictures. Hmm, another limb just dropped from a tree across the street as I wrote this.
It’ll be another learning experience.
As bloggers like to say, expect light blogging for the coming days.

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4 Responses to “St. Louis Power Outage 2.0 – The Iced Version”

  1. Ours just came back on….hope you were as fortunate; maybe we should just all plan to meet, dine and blog at Paneras next time.

  2. You might want to consider having a generator installed.

  3. We at Jevay International Inc based in Florida understnad these trying times. Power outages can leed to more that being uncomfortable but can also leed to more emotional problems due to stress. Try to lend a hand and offer what you can to your neighbors and the community. Here is our site to help make life a little better during these outages.
    Kind regards,

  4. E. GILLESPIE says:

    I can’t beleive this is happening again, and so soon. In July we out for 8 days, December, out for 6 days, and here January 13, 2007, here we go again, I never remember being out of power because of ice storms, and summer storms mayby a few hours, but this is awful, the pass two years my electric being off 6 times because of the weather!

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